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Teal Swan in coversation with Aline N. Brandstetter.

Content: About ritual abuse, mind control and much more …

Contact: Teal Swan,


[German: Teal Swan im Gespräch mit Aline N. Brandstetter.

Inhalt: Über rituellen Missbrauch und Mindcontrol und vieles mehr…]

Teal Swan is an internationally recognized spiritual leader and powerful voice in the field of Metaphysics. As renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self development and spiritual growth.

TEAL SWAN was born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Because of these extrasensory abilities, she became the target of a cult where she survived 13 years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse before breaking free at age 19 and beginning her own process of recovery and transformation. Today she uses her extrasensory gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to help millions of people learn how to find forgiveness, happiness and freedom in their own lives. Her success has earned her the nickname “The Spiritual Catalyst.”

“ When a human being is forced to fit into a society by conforming to social ideals, their emotions are suppressed and they lose touch with their own authentic being as well as their innate knowledge of the universe at large.“

In conjunction with her vision of creating positive world change, Teal Swan founded HEADWAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit company that enables ideas, goals and ventures that are aimed at positive world change to become actualized. In the years to come, Headway Foundation will encompass programs, centers, companies and products in the areas of justice reform, education, end of life care, self help, healing, parenting, integrative medicine, food industry reform and spirituality. Headway Foundation seeks to create the changes within our society that will create a better life for all beings who call this earth their home.

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